Monday, November 12, 2007

As mixing begins, let's take a look back...

So it seems like half the world has been some kind of sick in the last few weeks - from the "superbug" staph infections in Virginia a month ago to the mutated cold-virus variant that's made headlines recently. So it would only make sense that as Steve and Kiley's tummies recover from food poisoning (or a 24-hour flu, but it's unlikely) last Thursday, Chad Clark shakes off his own mega-flu bug to begin mixing our record at Silver Sonya's new studio location (that's right, no longer within Inner Ear! Maybe it's the "outer ear" location?).

While we wait patiently to hear the first batch of rough mixes, and John Vogl toils away on the album artwork, we might as well take a look back. Here's some photos from the last few days (taken on Steve's 35mm, since Stephen's digital camera got yoinked in the robbery):

Here's a look at the (old) Silver Sonya control room, with SeƱor Devin Ocampo at the helm.

Oh, Digital Performer...

The door to the room...

View from the vocal booth...

The drive back was quite a picturesque trip through the Appalachian foothills, with West Virginia being a particular highlight.

We especially enjoyed passing through Wheeling, WV, and agreed that it looked like a very cool town. Maybe next time we'll stop and have a look around.

There's lots more news about the new record that we'll be able to report soon, and maybe we can even get some video from the recording up here, too, so stay tuned.


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