Tuesday, April 29, 2008

coming to you at 1000 beats per minute


and goodbye michigan.

we've had a few great shows and some technical issues (like having too much time pre-show to drink and play pool). last night was our last night with Canada. very sweet folks. in three cities on this trip we managed to say with three different members of that band. and last night ended in a 13+ person percussion fest' at the tail end of their set. hopefully we all broke some stuff. insta-cred, no? no.

this morning we woke up dark and early and headed to Daytrotter for a session live off the floor that will probably be available sometime in the next coupe months. now we are across the river in davenport, iowa, boust to "ghost-ride the whip to the undead beat." whatever that means, we're gonna do it.

ALERT (Happiness Level Orange): Stephen bought two more sweet robots.

as usual, we are missing some great shows in st. louis while we're gone. i hope you're there.

k, now i've gotta get gone. show starting soon. adios.

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