Friday, January 9, 2009

wishers of luck

greetings, all. hope everyone had a good set o' holidays. we sure did. as usual the Xmas show was way beyond our expectations and to everyone who attended we sincerely thank you for your energy. you provided a wonderful cap to our 2008. plus, for Christmas i got Season One of Matlock on DVD, so you know i was happy. anyway, there have been some changes in the GAH camp now that the new year is upon us that we thought we'd pass on.

this band hasn't had any member changes since its first year, and unity as a group is something that we treasure, especially on the road where strangers are many and friends can be few. we've been fortunate to meet tons of fantastic people while touring and we are sure to meet many more. thank you all for making us feel welcome. despite the requisite challenges, we had a very productive and exciting 2008 and look to continue that trend in 2009. all that said, we will be moving forward as a six-piece from here on out. in a decision that was both difficult and mutual, we've parted ways with our friend Mike Tomko as he will be moving on to pursue other interests and we will be pursuing new things ourselves. in the beginning, he was the one that demanded we put a band together to play the early batch of songs i was working on, and that i will always appreciate. he also dedicated himself wholeheartedly to pushing this band to get out and make things happen for ourselves. his drive and knowledge will be missed. as will he. we love him very much and we all wish him success, doing so with the opinion that he is the kind of person that will inevitably succeed at pretty much anything he chooses to spend his time on.

so, as far as GAH in 2009 is concerned, we have a lot that we are working on, including, of course, much touring, recording, and releasing new material. like many people i am energized by the country's change in leadership and hopefully it will be a great 2009 all around.

see you all soon.
-eric e./GAH

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