Friday, October 12, 2007

Tracking Day Four...

capital city conundrums and monkey bread madness bring day four of tracking to a close...

drums - done
bass - done
$30k piano - done
eric's guitars - done


tensions are high - we are running about a day behind the original schedule
chad and devin seem confident that we will finish on time, which is extremely helpful considering the extremely long list of things that have yet to be tracked - here are just a few of those items

percusion overdubs
mike and steve's guitar
kiley and steve's keyboards
stomps and claps
vocals, vocals, vocals
etc. etc. etc.

kiley leaves to go back to st. louis tomorrow, so we are hoping that we have all of her tracks completed by the end of friday
cross your fingers

that being said, we have discovered a wonderful new place called Best Buns Bread Co. - MMMMMMMonkey Bread!!! - man this stuff is good - it has inspired multiple impromptu songs in its honor

hearing Headlights' record playing through the walls has been a good boost for us - we are definitely excited to play with them again on November 7th @ The Bluebird

aside from the stress of trying to complete a record in two weeks, we are all having a great time - the weather has been wonderful, the sites that we see on the way to and from the studio are amazing and we arrive everyday to a place that has begun to feel like home - devin, nick, chad, tj and don have all been so wonderful to work with

plus, this shit is sounds bangin!

The Office

Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation"

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