Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tracking Days Nine Part Two & Ten... Eleven?

yesterday, was a little on the slow side

we showed up at the studio a little early, being that we had to bail out of the condo much earlier than expected in order to not be charged for another day, and all four of us basically found a spot on the couch/floor to crash for a little bit - the cops didn't leave until after 3am and it was very hard to get to sleep after that

in light of the previous night's incident, we still got some things done - trumpet mostly done and a decent chunk of vocals

we, as a group, decided that we would finish tracking the record today (day 11) and then head home on Friday

mixing has now been moved until mid-November and it has also been decided that we will have TJ Lipple from Aloha master the record the week after mixing

despite being behind schedule, the new plan of attack fits well into our supposed deadlines and we all feel very good about the rapport and process that we have established here

so here is how it breaks down...
Devin O'Campo - Producer/Engineer
honestly, Devin was the perfect person to work with, he is patient, professional and has a spectacular ear; he is in-tune with our direction and intent and every single change that he has suggested has been for the better!

Chad Clark - Mixing Engineer
hearing Chad's contribution to this project is something that we are very excited about, besides being a very awesome human being, he is a fantastic engineer and there are many things from his body of work that we know and love!

TJ Lipple - Mastering Engineer
we all heard TJ mastering the new Headlights' record through the walls of the lounge! this decision, we feel, was a no-brainer and completely makes sense with regards to the process that we have created for this album! it is a definite plus to also have been able to have kept all three parts in the family at Silver Sonya

most importantly, each person in the chain represents a set of fresh ears and ideas, which in the end will make the most difference to the record - this time around, we were very fortunate to be able to abscond to the east coast, forsaking any and all responsibilities and obligations that we would have had at home, to make a record where instead of worrying about why the headphone amp wasn't working or where the mics need to be moved, we got to think about the instruments and parts that we were playing and how to make them the best parts that they could be

this has been an awesome experience and we are anxious to see it through


on that note, we have decided on a name for the album

John Vogl, who will be doing the album artwork, has decided to make a visual depiction of the title

we are not quite ready to share the name with everyone just yet but we are hoping that after reading/seeing this you will SHARE with us what you THINK that the title is... (John apologizes for the scribbly handwriting, see below for the transcript)

G: Good czll putting "A" in that empty grzve...
H: Fuckin' right



Cat McMillan said...

Silent auction

annie said...

together over our grave

Mr. Dividing By Zero said...

A to Z?

Jay said...

we went to the graveyard and buried them?

god i hope not.