Saturday, January 12, 2008

halle berry kissed fred durst, don't tell my dad

here we are. last two days. eek.

saw some more of john "yoko" vogl's artwork for the record today. love him. at least there will be something nice to look at.

last night chad whipped up his most krayzie bone mix yet. suddenly "you and me, madly..." is all tweaked out and dark. the process freaked me out so much i had to put on headphones and take a nap. i woke up to a pretty exciting mix. our mutual love for tchad blake and aural excitement is coming through. i was hoping when we started that he'd take some liberties and push the songs in new directions. done. he struck again today with an even more drastic dose of production fuckery with "a good son." i like risk-taking in mixes. hopefully the rest of the band agrees. time continues to escape, but the man has his head down and is plowing ahead. we spent most of the evening tweaking and ironing things out. all is well.

when i head home it will be interesting to try to sleep without hearing the sounds of screaming and sirens. ah, city life.

today was the first day that i broke down and ate pizza for dinner. i've had much better studio eating habits this time around. no beer/fast food breakdowns. just mango juice and falafel. how old am i?

have you SEEN that fergie video? jesus h.

i can't think straight at the moment. i should probably sleep.

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear.

4 songs to start and the rest to finalize tomorrow. seems crazy, but my fingers and toes are crossed.

i'm a terrible blogger.

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