Monday, January 14, 2008

the home stretch

i am happy to report that 9 songs are completely mixed. in the bag. knocked out' the park. done. yay.

i've extended my stay by a day to wrap this ish up. whew. chad has been mixing his ass off despite still being sick, and all of our thoughts are constantly with him. his devotion to this project has meant a lot to all of us, and i can't express my gratitude enough. anyway...

today, after he banged out "we used to dream about bridges," we revisited all the previous near-completed mixes and hammered them home. turns out there's a rick james thing happening in "i sleep in a bed of scissor arms." who knew? but watching the video of "super freak" on youtube was spectacular. some effed up musical things going on in that song that we never noticed before. not to mention some even more effed up visual things. like, the temptations, seriously? so confused. and every second rick james was on screen i got a little more scared.

wish us luck tomorrow. 3 songs to go.

i hope 2008 is Year of the Pad Thai. yum.

now, "getting back to my emcee status..."

currently listening to: "Ghost Town" by The Specials
currently watching: "The Godfather"
currently eating: not enough

p.s. apparently the area around the studio used to be "the hooker district." and he tells me this now...

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