Thursday, April 16, 2009

april showers bring...?

welp, we are a week into this trip and we have finally parted ways with the constant drizzle that has dogged us thus far. today in new york is gorgeous. we've been a bit behind on the blogging, but we've been busy goofing off/playing shows. we have a new word. ask stephen what ''agleing'' is and i'm sure he'd be happy to show you. he's at the top of his game when he's agleing steve. and let me state here that i certainly question the spelling of this word, but it is his word and the definition is wonderful. anyway, shows have been good. pictures to come. saw friends. played with friends. made friends. this has been our happiest tour in quite a while. plus we've met many new dogs who we have wrestled with. and oddly, the last two nights have included bands repeatedly apologizing on stage for their performances. last night even included some bizarre girlfriend/lead singer yelling match during the songs. oh, and they had backing tracks PLUS a tamborine player onstage. yet another reason drugs are bad. anyway, no ''return'' button, so in order to prevent textual clumping i will say good day. hope to see you soon. -ee

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