Tuesday, April 21, 2009

hey, same-coat-wearing guy, f%$k you!

greetings from d.c. we just finished our extended weekend in new york. we did this: odd show with old friend who sounded GREAT, face time with people we love and never see, rush hour u-turn on 6 lane queensboro bridge, gelato, awesome ''house show'' in sweaty midtown apartment, late night diner food, shopping, robot buying, wrestling the house kit, cherry pie with best friend, central park, natural history museum, dollar pool, spaghetti fest, good show with sound guy named jesus and door guy named elijah, new jersey detour to a favorite place, parallel parking miracles, crazy bike ride, angering the locals, being angered by the locals, embracing a dog who just ate my wheat thins, feeling bad for him after he ralphed them up, trying to convey that skinny jeans will never be okay, missing home, appreciating each other, paying too much for everything, doing some rock-solid impressions, pointing to the guy who has ''it.'' -ee

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