Thursday, April 23, 2009

Homeward bound and the way it's written...

Hello from Club GAH!

We're currently reverse-embarking from our two-week jaunt to the Northeastern US of A, and we'll be making our descent into the Greater St. Louis Metro area tomorrow night. Are we looking for a simple "Welcome back!"? Well sure, that's always nice, but more than that, we want to see your lovely faces...

*Tomorrow Night*

*At The Firebird*

*Right before the indomitable CURSIVE takes the stage*

Please come out to see us, give us a hug, buy a grocery bag or a cookbook (because we sell those now; GAH dickies coming soon!), and then readjust yourself for a warm-hearted and good-natured face-melting, courtesies of Omaha's indie-scene forefathers, CURSIVE, who are on tour supporting their new record, Mama, I'm Swollen. Honestly, it just wouldn't be right to miss this show.

See you tomorrow. Say 'Hi' to ya mutha for us.

Steve | GAH

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