Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Album, Christmas Show, Tour, Oh My!

things are uber busy here in the GAH camp...

waiting for this record to be done has been excruciating  - each night, we go to bed with bated breath, hoping to wake up to a finished album - finally, we now have a true idea of when we will get to meet the product of our efforts

*flashback - mid-November:
Chad Clark, our fearless mixer, contracted some sort of non-Super Bug related flu - it was awful - a week of misery, coupled with an ever-rising temperature resulted in a hospital stay for Mr. Clark - as it turns out, this was no ordinary elementary school influenza - little did we know, Chad had come down with some sort of super virus that the doctors were completely baffled by

after being released from the hospital, Devin and Chad tried to get back to work mixing - serious fatigue began to set in for Chad and we also became aware that he had developed a heart murmur from the ordeal

Chad kept insisting that he was cool and that he was happy to be back at work, but shortly after Thanksgiving, he went under heart surgery to try to correct the problem caused by the illness

everything with the surgery went GREAT and he is doing well at home in DC - hopefully he doesn't have to have another procedure down the line - let's cross our fingers, we are all so happy that he is ok

OK, so everything considered, coupled with the stress of trying to mix 12 songs by a 7 person band, with almost 40+ tracks per song, from a thousand miles away, we have made some new decisions as to how we will finish this album

on January 5th Eric E. is going to fly to DC and spend a week working with Chad and Nick - no more emails trying to nicely explain a 1db change, no more FTP server madness! - we all agree that this is the absolute best way to get the record finished and it also gives Chad a chance to properly recuperate - so excited

it now looks like the album should be out this April - MANY more details on that to come!

also, anyone within a reasonable driving distance of this unstoppable cheer-filled weekend, need to get their butts in their cars and head on down to Off Broadway this Friday and Saturday....

Tomko Bomb Co. Presents:
A Very Merry Christmas Spectacular

Friday, December 21st:
The Bureau
The Hibernauts
Witch's Hat (Columbia, MO)
The Makeshift Gentlemen

Saturday, December 22nd:
So Many Dynamos
Gentleman Auction House
Light Pollution (Dekalb, IL)

@ Off Broadway - 3509 Lemp Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118
Doors @ 8:30pm | Show @ 9:00pm | $7 | 18+

Sponsored By: Vintage Vinyl, KDHX 88.1FM, Dividing By Zero, Apples & Cats
Media and TheBungaloo.com.


ok, so last but not least...

we will be coming to a town near YOU in 2008 - keep tuned in to our Myspace page to keep up with the tour as it is confirmed - we are so lucky to be playing with, and playing for, a bunch of our most favorite friends on this trip and already, we have multiple dates with Bald Eagle, Witch's Hat, and So Many Dynamos in the works