Monday, January 18, 2010

GAH's Eric Enger remixes Elsinore

hey there everybody.

apologies for the december cancellations. it takes a lot to cancel a show, and i beg your forgiveness.

january is here and change is in the air.

working hard on a new record. i repeat: hard. so far it feels like an really exciting step forward. more to come later.

checking in to let you know about a remix i did recently for our friends from champaign, IL, Elsinore. it's on the EP that is preceding their upcoming full length. i wanted to keep my distance from the chops on the original version, so i pretty much snagged the vocals and horns, set up camp at my studio and recorded a bunch of shit. they send the tracklist to get printed well before i was finished, so they are stuck with what i turned in (suckers). they seem happy with it, but never trust a musician. :) anyway, they want to get the word out, since they are offering this track up for free and spreading it around. apparently it's already getting some love on the radio.

check it out here:

Elsinore - Yes Yes Yes (Eric Enger Remix)

see ya soon.