Monday, May 26, 2008

2008 RFT Music Awards

The RFT Music Awards are in full swing again this year, and there are a heap of sweet St. Louis bands nominated. Please take a second and cast your vote for all of your favorite bands, but remember, you can leave certain categories blank, so if you don't know who any of the bands in a specific category are, you don't have to pick the one whose name you like best. If you find yourself scratching your head while you skim over a bunch of bands you've never heard of, you should go out to more shows!

The RFT Music Awards Showcase is happening on Sun., June 1st, and we're scheduled to play the main stage at 3 p.m. It'll be a bonkers day of St. Louis music, so make sure you're there. You can check out the schedule here.


And on a more self-centered note, the night before (May 31st) is the Bluebird's BBQ Bash featuring yours truly, our friends in The Bureau, local power trio The Feed, Blind Eyes, and DJ Commiekay. Should be a fingerlickinggoodtime - don't forget the A1.

Everyone gear up, cause summer's a comin'.