Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bummersauce news...

Big bad crummy news. Some super-sickness is forcing us to drop off of our Chicago, Champaign, and St. Louis shows this weekend. The good news is that all three shows are still going to be super-sweet, and you should definitely still go! So sorry, wish us well, and we'll catch you next time. ♡GAH

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey, check out Eleven Magazine...

Hey so in case you haven't seen it around town yet, there's a new(ish) "intercollegiate" rag in St. Louis called Eleven Magazine. You should try to find a copy (found mine at the Maplewood Jimmy John's - I think they have some in the music shop there on Manchester, too) and give it a read - it's very good stuff. They're also online in blog-form at

This month's issue is especially near and dear to us, because A. It features bits on two of our very good friends in the "H" section of our iTunes: Headlights and The Hibernauts, and B. Inside the front cover you'll see an ad for THIS SATURDAY'S CANS & COATS CHRISTMAS SHOW, of which Eleven Magazine is a sponsor!

So pick up a copy where you can find one, and support a very cool and promising local music mag, and support local music!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh How We Love Us Some Christmastime...

Been awhile since Team GAH checked in, so he we are, wishing you and yours Seasons Greetings! We've been brushing up some of the tunes from our Christmas In Love EP, getting them all primed, polished, and ready for the ears of any and all who make it out to one of our three bound-to-be-awesome Christmas shows...

12-17 Chicago, IL - Schubas Tavern - w/ Raise High The Roof Beam and Old Stable Hands
12-18 Champaign, IL - Mike N' Molly's - w/ Angie Heaton, You and Yourn, He and Him (Ryan and Cole of Elsinore), Jet W. Lee, Say it With a Smile, and Palace Flophouse
12-19 St. Louis, MO - Off Broadway - "The Cans & Coats Christmas Show" w/Jumbling Towers, Jon Hardy & The Public, and Dear Vincent

We only get to play our Christmas tunes once a year, so we're super excited for each of these shows. Hope everyone can make it out! And don't kill yourselves buying stuff for people this year!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GAH wins RFT's "Best Indie Band" for "Best Of 2009", New shows this Fall!

We're super flattered to win the Riverfront Times Best Of 2009 award for "Best Indie Band", and we offer a hearty "Congrats" to our drummer, Ryan Adams, for winning "Best Live Sound Engineer"!

The weather's cooling off and we're excited for Fall. We'll be working on new songs and laying down new tracks, which you guys will inevitably get to hear if you make it out to any of these (bound to be awesome) shows!

Upcoming Shows:

Oct 16, 2009 - Columbia, MO (US) @ Blue Note - Bluebird Music & Arts Festival w/ Starlight Mints
Oct 17, 2009 - St. Louis, MO (US) @ Off Broadway w/ Blind Eyes & The Safes & Beth Bombara
Oct 30, 2009 - Springfield, MO (US) @ The Outland Ballroom w/ Nathaniel Carroll & North Decade
Oct 31, 2009 - Stillwater, OK (US) @ The Vault Venue - Vault Video Halloween Show w/ Colourmusic & Brother Bear
Nov 21, 2009 - St. Louis, MO (US) @ Off Broadway - The Hibernauts "Velvet Suit" CD Release
Dec 19, 2009 - St. Louis, MO (US) @ Off Broadway w/ Jumbling Towers & Jon Hardy & The Public

Friday, August 14, 2009

This Sat, 8/15 - GAH w/Jon Hardy & The Public @ The Chapel!

Tomorrow Night @ The Chapel! Start your night early with us - all guests at THE CHAPEL receive two drinks maximum (beer, wine or soda) for free! Show ends early too (10:30), with plenty of time left to party with the bands at Par Lounge next to the Hi-Pointe theater. Showgoers will enjoy happy hour pricing on drinks!

doors 8pm | show 8:30-10:30pm | $7 | all ages

THE CHAPEL is an all ages, not-for-profit, non-smoking, music venue that exists to serve St. Louis musicians by providing an excellent physical space and professional volunteer services.

All guests at THE CHAPEL receive two drinks maximum (beer, wine or soda) for free -- donated by supporters of THE CHAPEL.

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Friday, July 3, 2009


Nothing like spending 4th of July weekend knocking out some new tunes for a new record. Working on the checklist...

Translation for everyone's signature "checkmarks":
Stephen [Robot]=Bleepy boopy boop
Eric (Guitar)=(. )( .)
Eric (OmniChord)=Yearh
Steve (Keys)=Cheers

We're finna keep on truckin', so we get back atcha with more soon. Careful with those fireworks kids. God bless America(n Gladiators)!


Friday, June 26, 2009


Hey all,

Just letting you know that there is a great show going on tonight (Fri. 6/26) at The Firebird that you would be wise not to miss. One of our favorite bands, The Features, will be taking the stage with Autovaughn and Fractured Army. We've been listening to the Features for quite some time now, and they just keep getting better with every record - last year's Some Kind Of Salvation is quite the jam. These guys really light a fire on stage, which we witnessed when we opened for them in Lexington, KY last year, so here's to hoping none of you miss out on this one. Seeya there!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thanks! and show tonight at Off Broadway!

Greetings all.

Thank you to all who voted for us and others in the 2009 Riverfront Times Music Awards. We greatly appreciate being awarded Best Pop Band for the year. We've had a busy and exciting last couple of years, and we are thankful to have the local support that we do. Hopefully we do an all right job of demonstrating how much you all mean to us.

So....if you're looking for something to do tonight, please head out to Off Broadway. We are playing our last local show for a few months while we work on recording new material and playing a few out of town dates. Tonight's lineup:

Van Gloria
The Mhurs
Gentleman Auction House

@ Off Broadway
$7, show @ 9pm

Our pals Mayola are up from Oklahoma, and we are very much looking forward to playing with them again. They are one of the best live bands we've played with out of town. Seriously. Also looking forward to playing with Van Gloria and locals The Mhurs, who we have yet to break our cherry with. Should be fun. Go!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The GAH Guide To The RFT Music Showcase on 6/7

Hopefully you all know already that the voting for the 2009 RFT Music Awards is underway (vote here!), and that the RFT Music Showcase is happening on June 7th, a week from this Sunday. Well if you didn't know, now you do.

Anywho, you can check out the Showcase schedule here, but I thought it would be helpful to those of you who aren't exactly "familiar" with your local scene for Ryan and I to recommend some bands to check out at the Showcase. And you *should* come to the Showcase - wristbands are only $5 and you can buy them here.

So, without further ado, here's the GAH Guide to the RFT Music Showcase (including a confusing map at the bottom!):

1:00 - 2:00
RYAN says: Troubadour Dali at the Cucina Outdoor Stage. I love both fuzz AND reverb. It's the complete package. Goes great with the first beer of the day!
STEVE says: Nothing like starting the day out with the DJs in The Beat Street Crew at the Main Outdoor Stage. Grab a Schlafly and soak it up, ‘cause it’s the only hip-hop you’ll get for the next six hours.

2:00 – 3:00
RYAN says: 30 MIN. SPLIT – 2:00-2:30: Jon Hardy and the Public at the Main stage. They always come charging out of the gate. Then, at 2:30, the Funky Butt Brass Band at Cucina Outdoor Stage. They'll just be getting warmed up by then. Two parties, either way!
STEVE says: While the FBBB sounds like a good time, I gotta stay planted at the Main Stage. JH&tP’s tunes are too good to miss, and you never know when they’ll break out a Springsteen or Randy Newman cover.

3:00 - 4:00
RYAN says: Kentucky Knife Fight at the Cucina Outdoor Stage. One of my favorites in town; highly recommended!
STEVE says: Having never seen One Lone Car, I’ll stick around to check out their set, which seems to owe a debt to nice-guy mid-90’s pop rock a la The Gin Blossoms and Matthew Sweet, and maybe a touch of Nada Surf’s last couple records.

4:00 - 5:00

RYAN says: 30 MIN. SPLIT: Obviously, I'm playing on the Main Stage, but if I weren't I'd split my time between us and The Monads. Thankfully, they aren't too far apart.
STEVE says: The Monads are always fun, but you should stick with us. ;)

5:00 - 6:00
RYAN says: LOGOS on the Main Stage. Easily consumable, highly entertaining, guitar shreddery. Freebird!
STEVE says: I’ve been meaning to check out The Educated Guess, who will be over at the Cucina Outdoor Stage. Anyone who warrants a comparison to Springsteen gains my immediate interest.

6:00 - 7:00
RYAN says: Grace Basement at Racanelli's. I love this band. 'Nuff said.
STEVE says: While the new tunes from Grace Basement sound quite good, if you choose to skip Ryan’s recommendation, I would suggest either checking out the Strokes-ian garage rock of The Radical Sons at Cicero’s, or hopping over to Blueberry Hill’s Elvis Room to see how Raglani is reinvented in the wake of having gobs of custom gear stolen in New York (benefit show at White Flag Projects this Sat.).

7:00 - 8:00
RYAN says: Beth Bombara at Pi, followed immediately by Cassie Morgan at 8pm. Both of these ladies make heartbreakingly beautiful music, and are about the sweetest gals you could hope to meet.
STEVE says: If you’ve been around since 1:00 and are starting to have some turntable withdrawal, check out the “dirty beats & dinosaur dance parties” promised when DJ Thumpasaurus hits the wheels of steel at Pin-Up Bowl.

8:00 – 9:00
RYAN says: 30 MIN. SPLIT – 8:00-8:30: Cassie Morgan at Pi. I'd hate to leave, but I will, to see… 8:30-9:00: The Blind Eyes at Cicero's. Another of my top five bands in town. You won't be disappointed. Highly Recommended!
STEVE says: Ditto the 30 MIN. SPLIT. You can’t go wrong with either one – two of the best acts in town. Just a shame they’re playing at the same time. If you happen to be walking by the Delmar Lounge, poke your head in and catch the Rats & People, but be warned: It might be hard to tear yourself away.

9:00 - 10:00
RYAN says: Wooden Kites at Delmar Lounge. Haven't seen them in a while, but they have never failed to rock my ass.
STEVE says: If you stuck around at The Delmar, I’m with Ryan – stay for Wooden Kites. If you’re still at Pi, you should check out Magnolia Summer. If you’re in the vicinity of Brandt’s, definitely make a point to catch Caleb Travers. If you’re near Vintage Vinyl, check out The Mhurs, who we’re playing with at Off Broadway on 6/18. And, if you’re feeling some hip-hop, from 9:00 to midnight is a truly all-star cast of local cats at the Duck Room. Get there early ‘cause it’s bound to be packed.

10:00 - 11:00
RYAN says: Theodore at Riddle's. In my top five favorite local bands, period. Highly recommended!
STEVE says: Theodore is a solid bet, but if you’re in the mood to dance, or even just some drankin’ and head-bobbin’, my favorite DJ in town, DJ Mahf, is at Pin-Up. I might miss them both, though, to catch Exercise at the Delmar, right after Wooden Kites.

11:00 - 12:00
RYAN says: Fred Friction at Riddle's. Fred's songs will sneak up on you. They are actually amazing, but his effortless delivery and booze-soaked performance will make it look like he's not even trying.
STEVE says: If you’re still at the Delmar, don’t move. Target Market is sounding better than ever, and you shouldn’t miss their set. In fact, take the opportunity to pick up their new disc!

12:00 am.
Still going? Bravo. The only show on the schedule for midnight is Bunnygrunt at the Delmar. That is, unless you’re at The Pageant checking out the Hall of Fame show featuring The Schwag, Steve Ewing, and the Murder City Players, which may very well run past midnight. Get home safe!

And as promised, for your (in)convenience, a map of the routes that Ryan (Pink) and I (Blue) suggested. This most likely isn't going to help anyone so much as it just illustrated how much walking we'll both be doing, unless of course we can hire our own private pedicabs for the day! Take note, local pedicab services - this is the place to be on 6/7! Does St. Louis even have a pedicab service?

But yeah, I think this map might involve some inadvertent time travel somewhere along the way, and the subsequent possibilities of our past and future selves meeting. No worries, though, as NBC's Heroes has clearly disproved the theory that such a meeting would result in an unraveling of the time-space continuum. Anyway, enjoy, and see you there!

Steve | GAH

Thursday, May 14, 2009

jelly is good on its own/ RFT Music Awards

it's ok to let peanut butter take a break sometimes. in other news, if you'd like to vote for GAH or anyone else in this year's RFT music awards, the ballot can be found here:

Thursday, May 7, 2009


¡Hola from the GAH-Team!

Remember when you used to only go out and have a grrreat time on the weekends? Well those days are over as of this coming Tuesday. Seriously. Rock out this weekend, catch your breath on Monday, and then grab some sweatbands and short shorts and come break it down at The Firebird with a sweaty slew of wound-up music including:


Not only have we enjoyed many a hilarious moment on tour with this dynamic duo, we're huge fans of their cheeky-meets-glitchy brand of hip-hop and suckers for their "the show is on the floor" approach to the live set. Honestly, you need to see them dance.


No robot theme intended with the videos, but the parallel of electronics work just fine: Classic Casiotone props up the angular schuck-and-jive of this trio, borne out of the ashes of Berlin Whale.


A show that anyone will love, because who doesn't like a guy getting up there in an outfit no one else would wear and giving it 110% all by himself (well, with a cardboard standup or two) and winning the crowd over with some good ol' fashion personal space invasion?

From the heart, I get real: We play lots of fun shows - hell, every show is fun in its own way - but this one promises to be about as energetic and entertaining as they come. So it's a Tuesday... who cares? Wednesday morning is going to come whether you *got the eff down* the night before or not - so you might as well come *get the eff down* anyway, because everyone else will be, with or without you (just ask Bono).

Steve | GAH

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Homeward bound and the way it's written...

Hello from Club GAH!

We're currently reverse-embarking from our two-week jaunt to the Northeastern US of A, and we'll be making our descent into the Greater St. Louis Metro area tomorrow night. Are we looking for a simple "Welcome back!"? Well sure, that's always nice, but more than that, we want to see your lovely faces...

*Tomorrow Night*

*At The Firebird*

*Right before the indomitable CURSIVE takes the stage*

Please come out to see us, give us a hug, buy a grocery bag or a cookbook (because we sell those now; GAH dickies coming soon!), and then readjust yourself for a warm-hearted and good-natured face-melting, courtesies of Omaha's indie-scene forefathers, CURSIVE, who are on tour supporting their new record, Mama, I'm Swollen. Honestly, it just wouldn't be right to miss this show.

See you tomorrow. Say 'Hi' to ya mutha for us.

Steve | GAH

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Tour

Some overdue (and now kinda outdated) pictures, courtesies of Mr. Herbst...

Yea Big goes horizontal at Beat Kitchen...

Late night dinering...

Stefen says "Miso happy"...

From the backseat it looked like Stephen was getting it on...

Wide load...

Not knowing when enough is enough...

From before we left: If practice makes perfect, we must not have practiced enough...

hey, same-coat-wearing guy, f%$k you!

greetings from d.c. we just finished our extended weekend in new york. we did this: odd show with old friend who sounded GREAT, face time with people we love and never see, rush hour u-turn on 6 lane queensboro bridge, gelato, awesome ''house show'' in sweaty midtown apartment, late night diner food, shopping, robot buying, wrestling the house kit, cherry pie with best friend, central park, natural history museum, dollar pool, spaghetti fest, good show with sound guy named jesus and door guy named elijah, new jersey detour to a favorite place, parallel parking miracles, crazy bike ride, angering the locals, being angered by the locals, embracing a dog who just ate my wheat thins, feeling bad for him after he ralphed them up, trying to convey that skinny jeans will never be okay, missing home, appreciating each other, paying too much for everything, doing some rock-solid impressions, pointing to the guy who has ''it.'' -ee

Thursday, April 16, 2009

april showers bring...?

welp, we are a week into this trip and we have finally parted ways with the constant drizzle that has dogged us thus far. today in new york is gorgeous. we've been a bit behind on the blogging, but we've been busy goofing off/playing shows. we have a new word. ask stephen what ''agleing'' is and i'm sure he'd be happy to show you. he's at the top of his game when he's agleing steve. and let me state here that i certainly question the spelling of this word, but it is his word and the definition is wonderful. anyway, shows have been good. pictures to come. saw friends. played with friends. made friends. this has been our happiest tour in quite a while. plus we've met many new dogs who we have wrestled with. and oddly, the last two nights have included bands repeatedly apologizing on stage for their performances. last night even included some bizarre girlfriend/lead singer yelling match during the songs. oh, and they had backing tracks PLUS a tamborine player onstage. yet another reason drugs are bad. anyway, no ''return'' button, so in order to prevent textual clumping i will say good day. hope to see you soon. -ee

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What better way to spend a lovely Friday night...

Than with your best buds in Camp GAH!

Come have a drink and cap off your week with some tunes from us and a few friends, including...


Door: 4pm
Minors Door: 8 pm
Showtime: 9 pm
Admission: $8

Happy Hour(s) 4-9pm


Monday, March 9, 2009

GAH's 1st show of 2009

Greetings from Camp GAH!

We've enjoyed our time off, but we're itching to get back to the stage. Be sure to make it out to our first two shows of 2009 - 3/15 at The Firebird in St. Louis, and 3/16 at Mojo's in Columbia, MO. We're opening both shows, so get there early and stay *all night* - we're stoked to play with our friends in Headlights, and the very cool Pomegranates. The headliners for the 3/15 show are New Zealand's own Cut Off Your Hands.

3/15 @ The Firebird w/Cut Off Your Hands, Headlights, Pomegranates | $8/$10 | Doors: 7:30pm | Show: 8:30pm | All Ages
3/16 @ Mojo's w/Headlights, Pomegranates | $8 / 8:30 pm



Cut Off Your Hands

Can't wait. Hope to see you all there!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To whoever did this...

We salute you.

Friday, January 23, 2009

GAH on Fearless Music TV tomorrow night

My Fellow Obamamericans,

Last October, while swinging through New York for the CMJ Music Festival, we stopped in to the Fearless Music TV studio for a taping. To be honest, we had damn near forgotten all about it until just a few days ago, when we found out it would be airing this Saturday night.

They'll be showing our performance of "The Book Of Matches", and maybe a small portion of the (hilariously awkward) interview. You can go to the Fearless Music TV Blog and vote for your favorite band, and I guess the winning band gets to perform live? We taped three other songs, so if nothing else, maybe getting some votes will get another one of our performances aired later on down the road...?

Anyway, in case you're wondering if you'll be able to watch this, there's a really long list of stations and affiliates that will be airing the episode - check it out here. I went ahead and sifted through the list to pull out some of the cities (and colleges in those cities) that we've been to, but if you don't see your town or school here, definitely be sure to check the list.

Cable TV Stations:
New York, NY WNYW FOX Saturday Night 12:30am
Detroit, MI WJBK FOX (Starting Sept. '08) Sunday Night 1am
Cincinnati, OH WOTH Saturday Night 11:30pm
Springfield, MO KYTV NBC Saturday Night 2am
Davenport, IA WBQD MNTV Saturday Night 12am
Fort Wayne, IN WFFT FOX Saturday Night 4am
Columbia, MO KZOU MNTV Sunday Night 11pm
Washington DC Local Point TV WJLA Short Form Programming
(The Episode runs every 3 hours)

And if you're looking to get a little more use out of your rabbit ears:
America One Television Affiliates
(Over-the-Air Broadcast)
FMTV Will Air Tuesdays and Friday Nights at 1am

Memphis,TN WBXP
Des Moines, IA KDMI DT
Albuquerque, NM KIAZ
Des Moines, IA WBXF
Denver, CO KUPN
Denver, CO KCXP
Denver, CO KENY
Denver, CO K27FA
Denver, CO K48BK

And for you kids at college, the following schools will have the show on Zilo TV:

Columbia College of Chicago
Iowa Central Community College
Iowa State University
Northern Illinois University
Ohio State University
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
University of Arkansas-Little Rock
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
University of Oklahoma
Webster University
And, if you're not on any of those lists, I think you'll be able to see it at soon enough.

Steve | GAH

Friday, January 9, 2009

wishers of luck

greetings, all. hope everyone had a good set o' holidays. we sure did. as usual the Xmas show was way beyond our expectations and to everyone who attended we sincerely thank you for your energy. you provided a wonderful cap to our 2008. plus, for Christmas i got Season One of Matlock on DVD, so you know i was happy. anyway, there have been some changes in the GAH camp now that the new year is upon us that we thought we'd pass on.

this band hasn't had any member changes since its first year, and unity as a group is something that we treasure, especially on the road where strangers are many and friends can be few. we've been fortunate to meet tons of fantastic people while touring and we are sure to meet many more. thank you all for making us feel welcome. despite the requisite challenges, we had a very productive and exciting 2008 and look to continue that trend in 2009. all that said, we will be moving forward as a six-piece from here on out. in a decision that was both difficult and mutual, we've parted ways with our friend Mike Tomko as he will be moving on to pursue other interests and we will be pursuing new things ourselves. in the beginning, he was the one that demanded we put a band together to play the early batch of songs i was working on, and that i will always appreciate. he also dedicated himself wholeheartedly to pushing this band to get out and make things happen for ourselves. his drive and knowledge will be missed. as will he. we love him very much and we all wish him success, doing so with the opinion that he is the kind of person that will inevitably succeed at pretty much anything he chooses to spend his time on.

so, as far as GAH in 2009 is concerned, we have a lot that we are working on, including, of course, much touring, recording, and releasing new material. like many people i am energized by the country's change in leadership and hopefully it will be a great 2009 all around.

see you all soon.
-eric e./GAH