Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey, check out Eleven Magazine...

Hey so in case you haven't seen it around town yet, there's a new(ish) "intercollegiate" rag in St. Louis called Eleven Magazine. You should try to find a copy (found mine at the Maplewood Jimmy John's - I think they have some in the music shop there on Manchester, too) and give it a read - it's very good stuff. They're also online in blog-form at

This month's issue is especially near and dear to us, because A. It features bits on two of our very good friends in the "H" section of our iTunes: Headlights and The Hibernauts, and B. Inside the front cover you'll see an ad for THIS SATURDAY'S CANS & COATS CHRISTMAS SHOW, of which Eleven Magazine is a sponsor!

So pick up a copy where you can find one, and support a very cool and promising local music mag, and support local music!


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