Thursday, June 19, 2008

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JUNE 15TH | Piano’s w/ Le Rug, Scott Alexander | New York, NY

Kiley, Eric E., and I took the 9:00am train into Penn Station to meet up with some friends and see the city. Kiley and I wandered around Times Square for what seemed like hours until we met up with some friends in Soho (I think) for lunch.

Apparently you can buy crystal meth on the streets for $5 in NY.

They’re getting pretty creative with the makeup names nowadays.

Here’s a weird wall sculpture thingy of John McEnroe that we saw in the ESPN zone. It moved and everything. Eww.

We got to Piano’s at 5:00 for load-in.

The show got pushed back an hour and we didn’t play until midnight. Here’s what happens when we hang out with our friends at a bar for seven hours…

Good news is that they’re apparently pretty strict with their employees’ hygiene.

We played with a band called Le Rug…

You can read a review of our set at Venus Magazine’s website.

After an exhaustingly long day we headed back to Jersey for our last night at the Tomko’s aunt & uncle’s.

No 7 things. No Plaid O’ The Day®. And I’m retiring MVP Of The Day by awarding the Tomko’s Aunt Donna the award for the last three days. The woman did not rest until we had everything we could possibly need or want – you couldn’t ask for better hospitality at a five-star hotel. Aunt Donna... pssht, more like Saint Donna! Thanks Aunt Donna!

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