Saturday, June 14, 2008

Don't blog about it, BE about it!

JUNE 10TH | Matinee w/ DJ Larry | Akron, OH

After grabbing some breakfast, we headed down to Sweetwater headquarters, where Matt gave us the grand tour. Sweetwater is a recording studio that grew into a pro-audio and musical instrument retailer, and they do most of their business online (90% of their orders ship same-day!), but we had no idea what we were in store for when we walked in.

We were especially fans of the “arcade” area…

We finally tore ourselves from the free arcade games and hit the road, headed for Akron, OH.

The Matinee

The super-tiny stage

DJ Larry, who provided the music trivia before and after our set

Our set was cut short due to a tripped breaker, but we weren’t too bummed, since the bar patrons didn’t seem too interested in live music (I guess they normally just have the music trivia). This guy thought we should change our name to “Auction Gentleman” and auction ourselves off as dates throughout the show. What a novel idea.

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out, having drinks, taking pictures, and then arguing with each other (which probably happens with most bands after a weird set and a few drinks)

The arguing ceased once we got back to the house we were staying at and got to play around with Our MVP of the Day, Cooper:

The Plaid O’ The Day®:

Seven Objects That Represent The Members Of Our Band:

Steve | GAH

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