Thursday, June 19, 2008

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JUNE 13TH | Day Off | Cooperstown, NY/New Jersey

We got the van back from the Ford dealer and were relieved to find out that the problem was very minor: When Mike got the oil changed in the van a couple weeks back, he had them change the air filter, too, and when they closed the air filter compartment, they pinched off the vacuum hose for the brakes. Simple fix, but a potentially scary situation.

We had no show for the day, so we figured we’d make a stop at Cooperstown on the way to Mike and Stephen’s aunt & uncle’s house in Jersey. While Eric H., Stephen, Ryan and Kiley walked around the quaint little NY town, Eric, Mike and I checked out the Baseball Hall of Fame.

There’s so much stuff to look at and read – you could literally spend an entire day in the museum – so I focused my camera on the things that mattered most… Cardinals history...

He's Getting Close:

Awesome Cooperstown Bathroom Graffiti:

Scrawling 2: "haha he broke his wrist Go Cardinals"

Manufactured Dramatic Picture Of The Day:

We got into Jersey late, but the Tomko’s Aunt Donna had been sweet enough to not only stay up for us, but keep some authentic Jersey pizza warming for us in the oven. After checking out some kid pics of the Brothers Tomko, we went to bed.

Seven Things That Represent The Members Of Our Band:

The Plaid O’ The Day®:

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