Monday, June 9, 2008

Well, we rock a house party at the drop of a hat...

JUNE 7th | Birthday Party | St. Louis, MO

We headed back home on Saturday to play at a birthday party for a friend of the band. We were about an hour out of town when this happened:

13" trailer tires (or at least the specific size we had) are apparently kind of a rarity. We know because the kind folks at the strawberry field just off of the highway helped us call every tire place in the area. They ended up having a friend drive a tire he had laying around over to the field to meet us, whereupon he promptly sold the tire to us for $20. Score! I give you our MVPs of the day:

So we had to take the newly acquired tire down the road to the Gas & Tire to get it fitted on our wheel. Another $20, and cheap beer next door. Score again!

We finally made it back into town to set everything up for the birthday show. Fattback kicked it off with a genre cornucopia, complete with a sweet cover of "Psycho Killer".

Our set was a blast, and we had some party guests twice our age dancing more than any of our audiences in recent memory. There was a congo line.

Plaid O' The Day®:

Seven things that represent the members of our band:

Stay tuned for "coverage" of our bonkers show with Mates of State and Headlights!

Steve | GAH

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