Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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JUNE 19TH | High Five w/ Ruvane | Columbus, OH

After we caught up on sleep, we emerged from Ahmed's house and headed down by the OSU campus.

We hit up a cool little restaurant called The Blue Danube (aka The Dube), where a few of us really enjoyed the "Cobb" sandwich. Highly recommended. Then we headed over to a great record shop called Used Kids, where I think all of us bought at least something.

On the way to the record shop, I noticed a sandwich board advertising some falafel. Now, I love me some falafel (and I think I've eaten it at least five times so far this month), but this looked like a horror movie about falafel...

Kiley, Mike and I headed over to Shi Sha Lounge (Columbus's first hookah lounge & espresso bar!) to drink some iced chai (delicious) and use the wifi. The rest of the boys headed down the street to the local pub to shoot some pool. Hours later, it was time to get to the club for load-in. On the way there, we were driving beside this lady. We would get to a red light, and a few moments later, she would start to go - as if she was going to run the light - and then stop sharply. This happened at a few different stoplights. Maybe whoever she was talking to on her phone kept saying "Green light" or "You can go!" just to mess with her. Or, it was her Jaguar acting up...

The show was at a venue called The High Five, a pretty snazzy venue that actually had big floor-to-ceiling windows along the front of the room (a nice change of pace compared to the standard: no windows).

The show was sparsely attended, but still a lot of fun. You can read about our set over at Don't Just Do Something, Stand There.

Afterwards we followed my friend's brother-in-law Mike (who we stayed with on our last trip to Columbus - thanks Mike & Elise!) over to his new house, where we were welcomed by their two dogs, and then called it a night due to exhaustion and a long drive the next day.

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comoprozac said...

You know what's interesting about that shopping center you posted? It stands in the place of what was once a legendary rock venue: Stache's. Pretty much everyone played there during the 80's and 90's before they moved locations. The first time Steve Shelley played live with Sonic Youth was at Stache's.