Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blogger!? I just met her!

We've embarked our June tour, and though we're back in town tonight for the Mates of State/Headlights show (it's still part of the tour, I swear), we'll be hitting the road again tomorrow and remain out-and-about for the next couple of weeks.

In an effort to include you all in the many mundane moments that occur throughout a typical day in a GAH tour, I'm going to try and get some daily(ish) content up here. Probably not a good sign that I'm already a day behind, but hey, internet (and free time) has been scarce.

JUNE 6th | The Beat Kitchen | Chicago, IL

The venue:

The stage:

The Plaid O' The Day®:

MVP of the day: Liz, who bought us a round of drinks (DISCLAIMER: The minor is drinking ginger ale)

Seven Objects That Represent The Members Of Our Band:

Stay tuned for tidbits from yesterday (this is going to get confusing, I can tell already).

Steve | GAH

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Nicole said...

I recognize that plaid.