Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bilbo Bloggins

JUNE 11TH | Garfield Artworks w/ The Show Is The Rainbow, UUVVWWZ, Moustache Required | Pittsburgh, PA

We got to Pittsburgh with plenty of time to kill, but we decided to find the venue first and then figure out where to go. Some shots from the drive…

We found the venue, and then headed back the way we came to a cool strip of shops. We hung out there until load-in, at which point we headed back to the venue, only to find out we still had an hour to kill. So we napped in the van.

Garfield Artworks

We opened the show with a solid set, capped off by Darren from The Show Is The Rainbow joining us onstage to bang a drum on “The Book of Matches”. We loaded off, and then proceeded to be thoroughly entertained for the next couple of hours:

Moustache Required


The Show Is The Rainbow

For his spontaneous percussion contributions, his own energetic set, and because he tattled on us to our booking agent for playing a good show, Darren is Our MVP of the Day. Also…

The Plaid O’ The Day®:

Seven Things That Represent The Members Of Our Band:

After the show we loaded up and drove to Erie to stay with one of Stephen’s friends, planning to hit Niagra Falls on the way to Rochester, NY, the next day.

To be continued…

Steve | GAH

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